Why I’m boycotting the Sunnybank Fruit Market

The supermarket in South Australia’s Sunshine Coast has announced that it is ending the sale of the popular South Australian fruit market.

The decision comes as local farmers, and some retailers, have called for the market to stay open after complaints about the quality of the products.

In a statement, the South Australian Government said the decision was taken following the complaints and “reassurance from our customers that we will continue to be a fair and welcoming community-owned and operated market”.

The South Australian market has been in operation for more than 100 years, selling fresh fruit and vegetables to locals and tourists alike.

Its members include the state’s largest fruit and vegetable producer, a large dairy farmer and an industrialist.

The decision comes after the Australian Greens announced plans to boycott the market this week, accusing it of running a “harvest farm”.

“In a country of one million people, the Sunnybanks is a place where the farmers are treated as second-class citizens,” said Green Party Senator Josh Frydenberg in a statement.

“There is an overwhelming majority of South Australians who feel that this market is not a fair market for farmers, is not run by an honest and fair business model and is not fair to our state.”

South Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry said it was committed to maintaining the Sunshine Coast fruit market as an integral part of the local community and that it would continue to monitor the market.

“The department is committed to ensuring that the South Australia fruit market continues to operate in a fair, transparent and open manner,” the department said in a prepared statement.

“We recognise the importance of the community-run market in South Australians’ lives and it is important to the Sunshine coast for the marketplace to continue.”

The Sunnybank fruit sale has been the subject of protests for years and has become a major social event for locals and visitors alike.

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