When you buy a game, how do you know when you’re buying a game that will have some big hits?

By Alex Steeder NHL.com – September 11, 2018The game industry has become increasingly complex and complex to track.

It is one thing to get a good picture of how many people are watching a sport online, and quite another to know whether the game is worth playing.

The Nielsen Company, a division of Nielsen, is the primary provider of consumer data used to generate Nielsen ratings for all sports, including the NHL.

Nielsen tracks viewership and audience data for more than 200 sports, ranging from football to basketball, hockey and golf.

In 2017, the Nielsen Company released a new, industry-leading consumer product that helps sports fans make informed decisions about the sport they love.

The product, “Nielsen Score,” allows consumers to identify when a game is at a peak of its popularity, when its viewership is lowest, and when its audience is growing.

The Nielsen Score also allows advertisers to target potential consumers based on how much they watched a game during that time period.

The score also shows how much each sports game was viewed online, which is important because the online viewing audience can be influenced by things like the number of ads on the internet and how often fans use social media.

The new product is now available in the United States, and Nielsen has released an update on its website.

“We wanted to give you a clearer picture of the game’s popularity and to make it easier for you to make the decision whether to buy a product or not,” the company said.

“To do that, we used a combination of advanced technology and Nielsen Score data to determine whether the games were at a higher peak or a lower peak, based on the Nielsen Score.”

The Nielsen Score, the company explains, measures how many times viewers were watching the games online and how much the games viewership was below the level expected by Nielsen.

The company then analyzed that data to estimate how much a given sport was worth playing if you had bought the product.

In addition to offering insight into how people are consuming sports, Nielsen Score helps advertisers identify fans that they want to target.

The game industry is one of the most valuable and dynamic in terms of the impact that sports marketing can have on consumer behavior, Nielsen said.

A study released last year found that nearly two-thirds of consumers say they buy products because they want the best price or service.

The study also found that consumers are more likely to buy products if the price is competitive with other goods, with the exception of baseball and hockey.

Nielsen Score is one part of the company’s efforts to increase consumer choice.

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