When to shop in Australia: What you need to know

On Monday, a new batch of fruit products was launched in Australia’s supermarkets, bringing a new flavour to a long-standing market.

In Victoria, fresh produce will also be available at Victoria’s largest supermarkets.

“We’re hoping to have more produce available in supermarkets around the state,” Vanshaw Farms’ chief executive, Tom Hoey, said.

“It’s a good start to the season.

The fruit and veg market is so vibrant and we want to make sure we have an excellent season.”

In New South Wales, fruit and vegetable markets are expected to open in the next few weeks.

“We have been working really hard to create an amazing marketplace, one that’s not only open to consumers but is accessible to all ages,” NSW Agriculture Minister, Chris Evans, said in a statement.

“Our priority is to continue the work that the government has been doing to improve the health and welfare of our community and our farmers.

We’re pleased that we’ve been able to create a thriving fruit and vegetables market in NSW.”

The markets will be operated by the Australian Greens, which will run them on the same model as supermarkets and have a board of directors that includes farmers and consumers.

The Greens’ campaign to improve access to healthy food in Australia has been applauded by many Australians, and the supermarkets have also been welcoming.

“The supermarkets are a great example of the benefits of free market policies,” Greens leader Richard Di Natale said.

“I’m glad to see that the Greens are putting this model to the test.”

The Greens are also running an online supermarket called Australia’s Greenest Markets, where people can sign up for weekly deals and buy products from a range of Australian producers.

“I’m excited about the fact that there are so many independent growers out there and that farmers are starting to see the fruits of their labour being harvested,” Greens market strategist Chris Cairns said.

The Greens also recently announced a partnership with Australian supermarket giant Tesco, which is opening a grocery store in Victoria and other states.

“These supermarkets are giving farmers a chance to grow their business, to earn a living and to provide an income for their families,” Greens MP Adam Bandt said.

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