What’s happening in New York’s fruit market?

New York City is seeing a boom in the popularity of its own homegrown fruit, as growers and retailers alike stock up on the fruit that they’re trying to sell in other parts of the country.

But the fruit market is not limited to the US.

In Italy, the market is thriving too.

The city of Florence is also booming.

The Italian capital is home to a thriving fruit market that boasts more than 2,000 different fruits and vegetables from around the globe, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

More:Italy has long boasted of its growing export markets, with the country accounting for a third of the global fruit trade.

But in recent years, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano’s government has been cracking down on imports, and the country’s biggest fruit producer, the Parma family, has been selling its fruit from the city to a number of European countries.

It has also been forced to introduce restrictions on its own exports.

The new government wants to limit imports from fruit from Parma’s Fruggio’s fruit business, which has been importing fruit from countries including Brazil, Argentina and Spain for more than a decade, according an Italian government statement.

This comes amid a growing demand for fruit in Italy and abroad, as Italy is looking to attract new customers for its popular “fruit of the season”.

But there is another side to this story, and it involves the growing presence of a different kind of fruit, that is often used to make fruit pies, but is also a staple of Italian homes.

This is the case with the fruit called durumuru.

According to local reports, the fruit is one of the more popular produce in Italy, with it now selling for as little as 10 euros ($11) a kilogram.

In Italy, durumurries are usually made with a mixture of durumis (fruits grown in Italy) and sugar, but this year it is a different fruit.

It is grown in a special region in northern Italy, and is grown with a different strain of yeast than the other varieties.

This strain is more susceptible to bacterial disease, which causes it to spoil.

In addition, durums produce fruit that is quite hard, which makes them hard to peel.

When they are ripe, they will produce a fruit that will not go well with pasta.

Italian media has even been reporting durumuri is a popular food in Rome.

But despite its popularity, the durumureus is also considered a delicacy in Italy.

There are also reports that durumura, also known as durumaru, are becoming a staple in the market of fruit sellers in the city of Rome, according a local news site.

A spokesperson for the Italian Food Ministry told Al Jazeera that there was no information available about durumurgu being sold in Italy this year.

However, this year the Italian government did ban imports of durums from Parmestas fruit business.

The ban on durumumuris imports from the Italian fruit producer was introduced by the government in the summer of 2016, and came into force in September.

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