What I Saw: The U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s $2 Billion Food Safety Cuts Could Save the Food Industry

The U,S.

government is set to cut the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) budget by $2 billion to save the agency from having to devote the equivalent of about $100 million annually to fighting outbreaks.

The Food &advice Bureau (F&ad) is responsible for reviewing FDA drug approval applications for new products and regulations, which include those relating to food and drug safety.

But a new budget proposal unveiled by the FDA would save the F&ad roughly $300 million by consolidating the departments into two: one that oversees the FDA’s food safety programs and one that includes food safety regulations.

The agency is expected to announce the new budget in the coming days.

The proposed cuts would also mean the Feds would be responsible for providing the $2.7 billion needed for its food safety program in the next two years.

The proposal also seeks to save $2 million annually by consolidizing the agency’s Office of Food Safety and the Office of Veterinary Medicine.

The cuts are part of a $5.4 billion budget plan announced by President Trump in February, which included $1.3 billion in savings.

The Trump administration announced in August that the F.D.A. would no longer have to spend money on enforcement of the nation’s foodborne outbreaks, which are caused by pathogens, bacteria, or fungi.

But the new cuts would mean the agency would have to focus on getting rid of some of its old responsibilities and, in the process, will be reduced in its ability to deal with foodborne illnesses.

The FDA is also working to make changes to the way it handles new foodborne diseases.

The FDA has been working on an initiative called “Superfoods” that aims to make more food available to Americans with less disease risk.

The goal is to improve access to nutritious foods and foods that are not labeled as “superfoods,” such as grains, legumes, nuts, and soy products.

The new budget also seeks $2,500 for the “SuperFoods” program.

The changes, which would save about $400 million over the next 10 years, will likely be the last one announced before Trump leaves office.

The president has previously said that he plans to eliminate the FDA.

“It is critical that the Trump administration ensure that the FDA is focused on protecting Americans and their health by eliminating unnecessary duplication and unnecessary waste,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, the agency director.

“We will continue to work with Congress to ensure that we are able to achieve this goal.”

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