U.S. sends troops to Uganda fruit market

The U.N. Security Council is considering sending more troops to the African nation of Uganda, where a new government has been elected after months of turmoil and protests.

The U:S.

mission in Uganda was increased to more than 30,000 troops last week, and U.K. Ambassador Peter Halliday said in a statement Wednesday that the U. S. would be sending more advisers and trainers.

The new Ugandan government, which has a reputation for being pro-market, has made the decision to open markets and other public spaces, which will allow for a greater range of retailers and consumers to participate in local markets.

But with prices up more than 40 percent in some areas, the new government is also struggling to bring in new customers and to keep its economy on track, the U:s.

mission said.

In addition, the Ugandan market is a hotbed for trafficking, U:sen Dabiri, a U. N. special representative for Uganda, told reporters.

“The market is being used for the illicit trade and criminal activities.”

Dabiris statement comes as the U.:s.

and U:ks.

mission is considering expanding their presence to other countries in the region.


Ambassador to Uganda Matthew Olsen said on Wednesday that there was a need for the African Union to expand its role in Africa.

“We need to see a real engagement and collaboration with the African community in order to build capacity and capacity-building, he said.

U:as the U..s. has had some experience with these markets, it has been a success.

The African Union has had success with the markets in some countries in East Africa, he added.

But Dabiris mission to Uganda is the first in the U., and it will be his first mission in Africa, and he said the U is looking forward to continuing that relationship.

Uganda’s election has raised concerns in the West that the new regime has a long way to go to bring stability to a region where the continent has struggled with instability since independence from Portugal in 1960.


President Yoweri Museveni was elected in October on a platform of fighting corruption and improving governance.

He was sworn in after the ouster of the country’s former president, Idi Amin.

But his popularity has dropped in recent months, and his government has seen its currency collapse.

The country has also faced an increase in foreign investment in recent years.

The market has seen some recent growth, with prices climbing by up to 80 percent in recent weeks, but U:stations and U.:ss.

have said they are still trying to recover.

U .s. officials have said that there have been a number of reports of fraud and abuse in the markets, and that they are taking the reports seriously.

The markets, however, have also faced a spike in thefts and vandalism in recent days.

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