The Duke of Grantham’s favourite fruit markets

An Englishman from Granthams estate in Scotland has a favourite fruit market in Liverpool.

The Duke, the father of the late Duke of Edinburgh, loved his apple pie but his favourite fruit of all was the banana.

He bought a banana from a young man who was working in a banana farm near his estate.

“He bought it for £2 and the next day he brought it home to me,” said the Duke of Gloucester, who died in 1680.

“The banana has a sweet taste and the smell of fresh bananas.”

The Duke had a banana in his house in the 1920s.

He sold the fruit to local farmers.

But in the 1980s the fruit was lost in the sea.

“We were looking for it and we found it when we were searching the area for a lost banana,” said Mark Hutton, who runs a fruit and vegetable shop in the village.

“There were no bananas around that time.

It is very special, because I have had it for 50 years and I can’t find it.”

Hutton bought the banana from John Wilson, a local man who had a small farm on the estate.

Wilson sold it to Hutton in 1982.

It has been kept in the Hutton’s shop for more than 20 years.

“John Wilson had a farm and had bananas there, but he had a lot of people, including the Duke,” said Hutton.

“They had a big market in the banana village, so they wanted to sell the fruit.”

Hengus family in Scotland Source The Lad Code title The Duchess of Gloucestershire’s favourite place to visit source The lad code article When the Duke died, the bananas were gone, the farmer was no longer with us.

But the story of the lost banana continues.

In 1982, the Henguses sold it for about £400.

It was lost to the sea in 1983.

Hutton has kept it in his shop and it is now on display.

“It is a bit of a lost piece of history,” he said.

“People will come in here and they will say ‘Oh, I have the banana and I have this little book that says this is where the banana was’.” Hutton said the book has been around for 40 years and it was only when he started researching the story, that he realised that the book was missing.

“I am going to get it back and see what is on it, and I hope it will help someone,” he joked.

But it will be a lot easier to find a banana if someone will come and talk to me about it and get it, so I am trying.”

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