Mexico’s ‘frozen fruit’ market stalls in frozen state

MEXICO CITY – A fruit market in Mexico’s northern state of Guerrero has gone completely on lockdown after authorities discovered the presence of frozen produce from Mexico’s Central American nation of Honduras.

The market, in a shopping center in the town of Guadalajara, has been closed since Tuesday and has been forced to close again.

Authorities have since declared a state of emergency, and have confiscated the goods from the market, according to the local state agency, Guerrero State.

In Guadalagaras southern region, the regional police department said the market was operating normally, but on Monday afternoon they began seizing products from the fruit and vegetables section.

They also said that some people were injured during the operation.

Authorities are also searching for a third person, a security guard, who is believed to have left the market after the operation began.

The Guerrero State Governor, Francisco Manuel Gómez, has promised a thorough investigation into the incident and said that all products would be seized.

The state of Guadarrama, which borders Mexico’s border with Guatemala, is Mexico’s poorest state, with a per capita income of less than $2,000.

The Costa Rican consulate in Mexico City confirmed to Al Jazeera that they had been contacted by representatives of Costa Rica’s consulate in Guadalarrama who said they had received information from a Costa Rican official that “a man with a cane and a backpack with the fruits of Honduras was arrested” at the market.

“The goods seized are all Honduran products, including frozen fruit and bananas,” the Costa Rican spokesperson said in a statement.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said it was aware of the incident.

“We will continue to work with the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of our citizens and the general public,” Foreign Minister Josefina Vazquez said in an emailed statement.

“In the meantime, we have expressed our concern over the security situation in Guadarro and Guadalagara, where a number of goods were seized,” Vazques statement said.

Guadalagarans health minister said on Twitter that the security operation in Guadelagaro had been “completely stopped” and that the markets food was “all gone”.

“The authorities have made it clear that the frozen fruits are safe,” she tweeted.

The Honduran government has called for an immediate cease-fire in Honduras, saying that the crisis is a response to an attack on its embassy in Tegucigalpa last month.

The US State Department has called on the Honduran Government to investigate what it calls the attack on the embassy.

The attack in Tegubacalpa, which was carried out by the Hondurans military and the National Liberation Army (ELN), is thought to be the worst attack in the country since the civil war began in 2006.

In a statement on Monday, Honduras’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eduardo Guevara, said the Honduan authorities had asked the United States to intervene to prevent the attack.

“To our knowledge, the Honduas government has not yet been notified by the US government of the Hondurs response to this situation,” he said.

“The Honduras Foreign Minister has not received any notification of the US response.”

Honduras’s National Commission on Human Rights (CICHR) said on its website that the attacks on the US embassy and consulate in Teguca were a continuation of a “violent coup”.

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