‘Lunch is the best time of the year’: RTE

STV News understands that as part of its new marketing strategy, the supermarket has been introducing a new product, ‘LUNCH IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR’, which it hopes will help it to attract shoppers in the spring and summer.

This new product is a mix of fruit and vegetables, and will be available at all StV outlets across the country.

StV News spoke to StV marketing manager of food and drinks, Peter O’Mahony, to find out more.

We’ve been working hard to get our brand recognised with a variety of different products in the market, including our fruit and veg mix, so we’ve been able to target that.

Peter said that the new ‘LOOK GOOD’ slogan is intended to be more relevant to the consumer and be more easily recognised and appreciated.

“The marketing strategy is very similar to what we do all year round with our ‘LIMIT ONE’ campaign,” he said.

“We’ve got a brand that’s really driven by a message of ‘look good’ and ‘lunch is good’, and we’ve also put a lot of emphasis on our ‘good food’ and its importance.”

This is a good way of promoting a healthy, organic diet.

We know that our customers appreciate the variety of healthy food that we serve.

“StV’s brand manager for marketing, Peter, said the new product was being marketed by StV as ‘LOOGY, the first-ever healthy meal’.”LOOgy is an all-natural meal-prep product that’s a mix between fruit and veggies, so it’s a mixture of fresh produce and meat and so you can enjoy it all at the same time,” he explained.”

And we’ve got this new ‘look Good’ campaign, which has really helped us to promote the healthy food aspect of the brand.

“He added that the brand was looking to expand into more markets throughout the year, which will likely include the UK.”

In our first year in the UK, we sold around 300,000kg of our products, so that’s quite a lot, and it’s very, very exciting for us to see that grow and be able to sell a lot more in the year ahead,” he added.

The brand has been targeting shoppers in May and June, when many supermarkets will be closed for the Easter holidays.”

It’s very important that we continue to work hard and make sure that we reach as many people as possible,” he concluded.

Stv News understands the brand will be launching a ‘Loogy, the only healthy meal’ on Thursday at 10am local time, which is part of a larger campaign that aims to get people to eat more healthy food in the first year of the StV brand.

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