‘It’s a disaster’: A fruit market in the middle of the city’s traffic jams

The traffic jams on the M5 have been a constant worry for the Ken’s fruit markets and a source of frustration for Ken and his employees.

The shops on the main road near the city centre have been closed for months and the traffic jams that regularly force them to close have been at least five times longer than normal.

This has made it hard for Ken’s to operate.

The traffic has worsened in the past few weeks and the city is now in the worst-hit region of the state for the shortage.

It’s not just the congestion that has frustrated the markets.

The fruit market also faces the threat of a severe thunderstorm on Sunday that will cause the roads to become unusable for several hours.

The traffic jams have caused Ken’s and his customers to spend an extra two hours on the road each day.

“I’m just hoping that we get through it and we’re not stuck in traffic jams for two hours,” he said.

Ken said the fruit market is the mainstay of his family business.

It’s a big draw for the local people and is the only place in the neighbourhood that he can sell the fruits that are grown on his farm.

I would have never known about the congestion until a week ago.

Now, I don’t know how to do my job and that is a huge worry, Ken said.

While there is still a small crowd of people in the fruit stalls, it has diminished over the past two weeks.

The road has become a one-way street, with many people queuing up in the street and waiting for their chance to cross the road.

At the Fruit Market in Ken’s Market Square, which is home to several large supermarkets, a large group of people gather to get a picture.

We have to make money, but I’m not worried about the crowds, said shop owner and manager Aniruddha, who asked not to be named.

“This is what I do.

We sell bananas.

We’re not going to give up.”

“The situation is getting worse and worse.

We have to go out there every day, but if we can’t get enough money, we can only sell the fruit,” she said.

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