How to save on groceries and petrol at the grocery store

Grocery stores and petrol stations are no longer the only places where you can save money.

There are also plenty of other places where the same savings can be made.

Find out where to shop, where to get your groceries and what to expect when you buy from them.


Find a grocery store that is local to you Find a local grocery store in your area.

They will have local products on offer and will usually be offering discounts on the regular price.

For example, they may have 10% off a large portion of your groceries.


Go to the nearest petrol station Find petrol stations in your local area.

These petrol stations can often be found near where you live, so you can easily check what you are buying with the fuel you are paying for.

Some petrol stations have discount vouchers, so there is no need to go to a large petrol station if you are going to use the discount vouchers.


Choose a range of foods from local suppliers and shop online for local produce Find a range or mix of locally grown produce that is safe for your family and the environment.

For instance, you may find locally grown fruit at a local fruit and veg shop or a local supermarket, but it may be worth shopping online to find a range that is fresher and healthier than the usual supermarket produce.

Find the produce at the local supermarket and buy it in bulk, or use online ordering services such as the AmazonFresh or FoodPanda to save money and avoid the hassle of going to the supermarket.


Shop at a farmers market Find a farmers’ market and enjoy a day out on the farm.

The main selling points of these markets are the variety of food and the variety that the people that run them are willing to share with you.


Visit local farmers markets to shop and buy local produce at farmers’ markets Find local farmers’ supplies, such as produce, nuts and seeds, to get the freshest produce you can buy.


Find local stores selling food and milk in bulk at grocery stores Find a farmer’s market where you may be able to buy a large quantity of produce at a discount.

You may be surprised to find that the local farmers are also selling milk at a lower price, or a variety of products at a better price.


Shop for local wines in wine bars Find a wine bar that has a good selection of local wines, and is offering the fresher wines from around the country.

You can even shop for local spirits, like gin or whiskey.


Buy from local shops in a supermarket Find a supermarket that is selling local products and a wide range of local goods.

Some supermarkets offer a range, including fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods.

Find similar local supermarkets in your neighbourhood.


Find an online grocery store Find a website that offers local products online.

You will need to sign up to receive alerts about products and discounts that are available, but you can check the site before you buy.

Some online grocery stores will also offer a free trial of their products.


Shop in a food market Find local food stalls that sell local produce and sell locally grown goods, such, fruits, flowers and vegetables.


Shop online for groceries Find online grocery delivery services that can deliver groceries to your home.

These are usually cheaper than local supermarkets, and often have the fresest produce available.


Shop with a local store Find local supermarkets that sell locally produced goods, like fruit and vegetables, produce and meat.

You might also find some good deals on items that are not normally sold in supermarkets, such clothing and accessories.


Find farmers markets Find a small farmers’ fair that has food and drink, including fruit, milk, honey, vegetables, fruit juice, bread, eggs, nuts, eggs and cheese, as well as other local products.

It’s a great way to find out what’s on offer, and find some farmers’ products that you may not normally find at a supermarket.


Check local cafes Find a cafe that has free wifi and offers free wifi, free wifi cards, coffee, tea and cakes.


Check online retailers Find a variety online retailers selling local and regional products, such.

online retailers, online boutiques, supermarkets, online farmers markets, online restaurants and cafes.


Shop from a farmer market Find locally grown products at farmers markets.

Some farmers markets will also have produce, or local vegetables and fruits.

You’ll find some excellent deals on produce, such fruit and vegetable, and produce and fruit, such produce, fresh fruit and juice.


Shop on a weekend Find a family-run farmers’ marketplace, or browse local farmers market, online or in person, and you’ll find a great deal.


Find online retailers That’s it!

Find some local farmers, pick some fruit, or enjoy a weekend away.

Some of the best places to visit are in the

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