How to save on gas and food at a fruit and vegetable market

With gas prices rising, many supermarkets are offering discounts to customers who buy fruit and vegetables at their stores, like the fruit and veg market at Kerry’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in downtown Dallas.

The discount offers are valid for customers who purchase between $10 and $50 worth of groceries at Kerry Farms Market, which is located at 801 South Greenville Ave.

in Dallas.

A total of 11 customers are eligible for the $5 discount, according to Kerry Farms owner Bill R. Kelly.

The store is a part of the Kerry Farms brand and sells more than 100 varieties of fruit and veggies.

Kerry Farms sells about 5,000 pounds of produce each week.

Kelly said customers can also shop at the retail food court at the market, which has a separate area to buy fruits and veggies, and at other stores across the city.

“We have a lot of food coming in, and the prices have gone up so much, so that’s why we’re doing the sale here,” he said.

While the price of fruit at the Kerry’s market has dropped, the price at other grocery stores has increased.

At the Walmart in Plano, Texas, customers can save up to 20 percent on produce from the Kerry Gardens market, the store said.

The Kerry Gardens food court is a $1-to-$2 discount on produce at all locations.

The price of produce varies depending on the season, but it’s usually between $5 and $10 a pound, according a Kerry Farms spokesman.

Kelly said Kerry Farms is not looking to replace other grocery markets, like Wal-Mart and Costco, but wants to serve its customers.

Kerry Farms is one of the oldest and largest fruit and plant growers in the country, with about 30,000 acres of fruit trees in Texas.

A lot of the crops they grow in Texas are really high-yield, so if you have good yield, you can get good prices, he said, noting that Kerry Gardens is also a member of the Texas Agricultural Marketing Council.

But Kerry Farms also sells produce to supermarkets in New Mexico, Texas and other parts of the U.S.

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