How to save a peach farm

As summer turns to fall, many peach farmers are looking to protect their crops by planting new fruit trees in fall.

Here’s how to do that, and how to get started.1.

Harvesting the fruitThe first thing you need to do is determine the best time to harvest the peach.

It depends on the area, but typically, it starts at about the end of June, when most peach trees are still young and flowering.2.

Planting new treesOnce the trees are planted, you’ll need to keep them going.

To do this, the tree needs to keep growing, and it will grow back if the weather is good.

The trick is to harvest fresh, healthy peaches in the fall when they’re at their peak, when they’ll still be young and budding.

If they’re still not quite ripe, harvest them as early as possible to get them started.3.

Pruning the treesOnce they’re done growing, remove as much fruit as you can from the trees before the season is over.

To prune a peach tree, take the base of the tree down to the root, cut off the trunk, and pull the roots out.

If you can, trim off the top of the fruit as well.4.

Storing the fruitTo store the fruit, store it in a cool, dry place.

This means keeping the fruit outside if possible, or in a covered container.

It’s also a good idea to store the fruits in a tightly closed container to protect them from frost and insects.5.

Pruneing the treeAs you prune the tree, you want to be careful not to break any of the roots or branches.

If the tree has been pruned, you can remove it from the garden or store it outside.6.

Picking the fruitOnce you’ve removed the roots and branches, it’s time to pick the fruit.

Pick up as many peaches as you want and store them in a glass container in the fridge.

If using fresh peaches, place them in the refrigerator and peel them as you would with a knife.

If not using fresh, make sure they’re well trimmed before picking them.

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