How to eat and shop for your favourite fruit in Australia

Australia’s favourite fruit and veg is often in short supply, but this year’s harvest is just as good as ever.

The latest ABC Food poll shows we have the highest demand for fruit and vegetables in the world, and the highest availability of produce, with supermarkets, restaurants and other food outlets across Australia reporting record profits.

You’ll find a wide range of fruits and vegetables to choose from in every corner of Australia, but for the best deals, we’ve selected the most popular and popular in each region.

In the Northern Territory, it’s the melons that dominate the market, with more than $2.2 million worth sold.

Across the country, we also have the cheapest fruit and vegetable prices, with the most common variety costing $4.80 per kilogram.

But if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, there are a number of other delicious varieties to try.

You can also find more fruits and veggies to sample at a local farmer’s market, and try out a few new flavours before you decide on what to buy.

There’s something for everyone in Australia’s fruit and veggies, so take a look at the ABC’s guide to finding what you’re after for a closer look at which fruits and vegs to try and what to look out for.

What to do if you miss out on some fruit or vegetable?

If you miss one of the big Australian fruit and meat markets, you’ll want to visit one of these other major markets to get your fix.

You’ll find great deals on everything from pickles to pork rinds to a range of meats.

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