How to avoid the Waukeen fruit market

Waukesha, Wisconsin (CNN) — The local fruit market has gone belly up.

It’s one of the biggest markets in the Midwest.

Now, with no one left to run it, the market has closed.

The market is closing its doors for good because the fruit, like all things, can be expensive.

The Waukie fruit market is not the only one.

There are more than 200 fruit farms operating across the United States, according to the Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

And all of them are being impacted by climate change.

“We’re getting close to that tipping point, the point where we are going to have to consider it a real loss,” says Mike Schmid, a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“So we need to have some really good policy responses to it.”

In order to get more fruit and vegetables, farmers need to find new markets and more sustainable practices.

This includes harvesting and transporting more crops from neighboring states and states’ rights laws that prohibit harvesting and moving fruit and plants.

That’s what has happened in Waukeshia, where the market is shutting down.

Wauken farmer and fruit farmer Dan Maberry says that he is struggling to get fruit for his family’s produce.

“It’s very challenging.

It is very hard to find a lot of fruit,” he says.

The fruit is already hard to get because there are not many farms in the area.

So Mabery has gone to a local fruit and vegetable market.

He has found a lot.

“I had a good harvest of apples, oranges and strawberries.

That was great,” he said.

“But it was all imported.

There were no native trees or fruits growing there.

You have to sell your fruit. “

When I got home, I got a call from a USDA representative who said, ‘Look, you’re a farmer.

You have to sell your fruit.

You don’t have any choice.’

And that was it.”

Schmid says this kind of business is a major contributor to climate change and that the country needs to get ready for this kind to continue.

“The more people who are doing this kind, the less greenhouse gases we’ll be able to emit,” he told CNN.

But the climate impacts on Waukee are still going to be a challenge for decades.

The weather is getting more intense, Schmid warns.

“If the wind goes the other way, the fruit might not be available for sale,” he explains.

“You could get an apple or an orange or a grapefruit and they wouldn’t be sold.”

The problem is, the Waunkesha fruit market closes down.

That means it’s a loss for farmers.

“They’re not going to find fruit there anymore,” Mabary said.

And that means they’ll lose a lot more.

The biggest problem is that there are so many other things going on in Waunkee that would take the market’s entire capacity, like the surrounding land, out of commission.

It also means there’s no one to sell the fruit.

The growers can’t just plant trees, Schmendt says.

“That would destroy the entire crop.”

In addition to that, the farmers are also in a position where they are losing money on their crops.

So what happens next?

“The Waukeesas need to work with the USDA to figure out how to do a proper transition, where they have to move some of their own fruit and other produce that’s grown on the land out of the area,” Schmid said.

That might mean moving the produce to nearby states, but not everyone will be willing to do that.

So there’s going to need to be some kind of a transition plan, Schmeidt says, adding that there is some research that shows a transition can be more efficient if it takes into account the economics of the farm and the people who live on the farm.

But Schmiedt says it’s not the right time to look at it.

“People have to have a plan.

And if you have a bad plan, it might be harder to change things,” he explained.

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