How to avoid the fruit market dustup

Clayton, Tenn.

— A dispute over fruit sales at a nearby grocery store and a dispute over a neighbor’s right to grow their own produce have led to a clash between neighbors.

The dispute began Friday when a neighbor started growing his own fruit, then a few days later an officer from the city of Clayton stopped him and asked him to leave the store.

Clayton police said the neighbor refused.

Clayton City Manager Bill Purdy said the incident was captured on video and posted on Facebook.

A Clayton resident complained about the neighbor’s growing fruit and the city agreed to close the store because of the incident, Purdy wrote on Facebook Friday.

A Clayton police officer was called to the store to investigate.

A couple weeks later, the city sent a cease-and-desist letter to the neighbor, Pundy said.

The Clayton city manager said that’s when the issue escalated to the city council.

The council’s rules say that council can take action against a violator of a zoning ordinance, said Clayton Mayor Steve Hensley.

The council said it received a complaint from the neighbor that the store was violating a city ordinance that requires all fruit grown in Clayton to be sold in the city.

The ordinance says fruit sold in Clayton must be from one of the cities participating grocers.

The city said the city’s fruit business would have to close and the neighbor would have the right to sell his own produce in Clayton.

Clayton Councilman Jason Davenport said the ordinance wasn’t enforced when he served as Clayton’s mayor and councilman.

He said the store should have followed the law.

Hensley said Clayton’s fruit sales don’t violate the ordinance.

The grocery store has been closed for the past week.

He asked the city to review the matter.

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