How to avoid falling into the fruit market frenzy

The world of fruit and vegetable markets has become saturated with prices and the number of fruit vendors in a city is increasing daily.

A new phenomenon is the fruit and veggie market frenzy which, for some, has become an addiction.

A recent report from the London-based food industry body the Retail Industry Association (RIA) has warned that the fruit-market frenzy has reached saturation levels.

“We know that people are looking for fresh produce for their families and our research shows that the majority of fruit retailers are not able to maintain a healthy level of stock,” the report said.

“This is largely due to a significant increase in the volume of fruit sold by the industry, coupled with a reduction in supply due to the growing number of supermarkets and the increasing price of produce.”

The report also said that many supermarkets are now limiting their stock to just a few days in advance of the peak season.

It is estimated that the industry is worth £2.7 billion a year.

“As a result of this situation, the volume is at its lowest level in more than 40 years, and as a result, many retailers are losing business to online retailers and other suppliers who are unable to compete with the large supermarkets.”

The RIA said the trend could lead to an “epidemic of supermarkets losing stock”, with the loss of up to 75% of the supermarkets’ stocks.

The report said there is no shortage of suppliers willing to sell produce at a discount because of the market frenzy.

“The market frenzy has caused retailers to limit their stock of produce for a short time in order to make the best use of their stock and increase sales.

This has led to a reduction of the quality of the fruit available to consumers,” the RIA report said, adding that the retail industry had to look to the future to ensure that supply remains competitive.

The problem is not limited to the fruit trade either.

According to the Ria, the fruit industry is in “danger of losing its foothold in the consumer’s mind and heart” because of consumers becoming addicted to the supermarket food.

“People who shop at the supermarket do not know what to expect, or that they are not getting what they expect,” it said.”[They] may be looking for a quick fix to get something quick and cheap, and may become addicted to this particular type of product.”

In an attempt to counter the frenzy, supermarkets are working to keep up with the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Ria said it will continue to monitor the situation, while retailers have to consider the impact on their stores and on the economy.

“It is important that supermarkets, with the right balance of freshness, prices and quality, keep up their quality standards and do not turn away customers,” the association said.

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