How to avoid a fruit stock crash

The stock market is booming in 2018, but the outlook is less rosy than many investors may expect.

The stock market in Canada is a basket of commodities, but there are two major players: fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are both commodities, so the two markets are not closely linked, but they are closely linked.

Both are driven by demand for food and a growing supply of fresh fruit and veggies.

In Canada, demand for fresh fruit is higher than the demand for other commodities, according to Statistics Canada.

The growth of the market has been driven by two factors.

The first is the increasing popularity of fruit and veg.

The second is a growing population.

In 2018, Canadians ate an estimated 2.6 billion pounds of fruit, veg and nuts, up from 2.1 billion pounds in 2017, according the Agriculture Ministry.

Canada has been one of the top buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables in the world, but demand is increasing for the other crops that are also used for food.

“I think we will see an increase in demand for fruit and vegetable products in the years ahead, as people get used to eating more fresh fruits,” said Mike McLean, president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers.

McLean says demand is growing rapidly for fresh fruits because of the increase in populations and the fact that consumers are more likely to eat fruits than vegetables when they are on a budget.

He says the market is not as volatile as some would expect, but he is not surprised by it.

“When we look at the supply of fruits and vegetable, we’re in a period of time where demand is going up faster than supply,” he said.

“We have the largest food production in the Western world and the supply is growing at a very rapid pace.

So we expect that supply to continue to increase and we expect demand to continue increasing.”

McLean said demand is rising faster than the supply.

The market is growing, but not fast enough to drive up prices.

He is also concerned about how supply is being distributed, and says the supply curve will not continue to be stable for long.

The Canadian Association for Fruit and Veg said the price of fruits has been going up steadily since 2017.

The price of apples has been increasing since 2017, and the price for oranges and peaches has been rising since 2016.

The price of sweet potatoes and potatoes has been also increasing since 2016, the association said.

The increase in supply of the two crops has helped the market grow at a faster rate than demand.

The association expects demand for fruits and veggies to be about 4.5% higher in 2021 than it is today.

This is because of an increase of about 3% in the number of people who want to eat fresh fruits, the government says.

McLane said if supply is not growing quickly enough to feed a growing world population, it may not be possible to grow the supply quickly enough for demand to keep up.

He said the market could also be in for another crash, if demand slows too much.

“It is a bubble that’s not going to last for very long,” he explained.

“The way that we’re approaching it is that we’ve seen the price increase and the demand increase, and if you keep doing that and the market keeps rising, then that bubble will burst and it will all come crashing down, and we’re not going anywhere.

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