How to avoid a fruit market in Winnipeg

A Winnipeg fruit market is closing on Christmas Eve, with people still lining up to get their Christmas treats.

The Winnipeg Fruit and Vegetable Market closed at 4 p.m.

Friday, and the city announced a special Christmas Day discount for people in the city who shop there.

It’s one of the last remaining markets in Winnipeg, and people who live there can expect a small price hike from the day before the discount.

The city says the Christmas Day Christmas Day price will be $2.20 for a large basket, $1.50 for a small basket, and $1 for a single fruit.

There’s also a $1 discount for seniors, children under five and students.

The city says those with an ID can get up to $1 off a basket.

Winnipeg’s other big fruit market, on the outskirts of the city, has been open for years.

People still line up at 6 p., but it’s closed now.

The markets that are still open include the Winnipeg Vegetable and Fruit Market, the Maple Leaf Market, and Winnipeg’s Fruit & Veg Expo.

The two remaining markets open on Saturday are at the same location, and they will remain open until 3 p.p.m., the city said.

The remaining markets will close at 11 p..m, and shoppers can still find food and beverages, but prices will be lower.

There are plenty of ways to avoid shopping at a Winnipeg fruit or vegetable market, though.

You can still buy apples and other fresh produce, but the city recommends shopping for the season’s vegetables first, because they’re more likely to ripen.

The only way to get your hands on the best vegetables in the area is to find a farmers market near you.

You can also visit a farmers’ market and pick up produce, meat, eggs and honey from local farmers.

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