How the ‘Bali Nine’ are getting ready for their first season of Bali Nine

Posted July 05, 2018 05:29:18 “It’s like we’re in a trance,” said a group of women, many of them wearing traditional Islamic attire, while holding up their fingers in the air.

“They have these weird masks on.

I think it’s a sort of an act of solidarity with the Indonesians,” said Aisha Muhlada, who is working as a translator for the group.

They’ve been living in a tent in the city for two months, waiting to be granted asylum in Australia, but have been told that they will have to leave if they are to be allowed to stay in Australia.

The group of about 10 women have been living together in the jungle for two years.

Their aim is to eventually move to Australia but they are in the process of planning the move and have been forced to seek asylum in Indonesia.

In a sign of their growing international status, they have been given visas to enter Australia.

They have spent the past few weeks in an asylum centre in Brisbane, before being relocated to the city’s Westfield shopping centre.

Aisha said the group has been subjected to abuse from other asylum seekers, and there have been repeated threats to move.

“We are afraid of the police, we are afraid to leave the tent and we don’t know where we are going to go,” she said.

While the group is still unsure if they will be granted an Australian visa, Aisha said they are hopeful that they can find a home for themselves.

BaliNine said it has been working to find permanent homes for the women, and the organisation is working with a local NGO, which is providing accommodation.


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