Costa Rica has more than 5,000 fruits and vegetables sold per capita, according to a report

Costa Rica’s fruits and veggies market has more then 5,800 tonnes of produce per capita compared to about 1,600 tonnes of fruit and vegetables per capita.

The country is also the world’s third-largest producer of tomatoes, beans, potatoes, avocados, bananas and grapes.

Costa Rica had the fifth-highest share of tomatoes in the world in 2013 and fourth-highest in 2014.

The World Economic Forum has listed Costa Rica as one of the 10 most innovative countries in Latin America.

The latest report on Costa Rica was published on Friday.

The Costa Rican government said the report was based on a survey conducted by the government-funded research institute at the University of Costa Rica.

The institute, headed by professor Jose Alberto Rocha, was established in 2005 to study the impact of agriculture and farming on food security.

The study was commissioned by the country’s president, Costa Rican President José Mujica.

The research institute was not named in the report.

Costa Rican farmers produce around 5 million tonnes of fruits and vegetable a year, according the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Costa Ricans are the largest exporters of fruits in Latin American, accounting for 25 per cent of all fruits and veg produced globally.

They also are the biggest consumers of bananas, according

Costa Rico’s top 10 countries in the country, according byproduct market share, 2013 to 2020, by category.

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