‘A lot of people were just shocked’: Rupinder Singh’s son’s story of how his father’s death left his family devastated

Rupind Singh Singh was only 14 when his father, Dixmurda Singh, was killed in a police encounter in Punjab.

“He had a smile on his face and a very soft voice.

He always did his best for us,” Rupinda Singh, Rupi’s sister, told the BBC.

“When Dixmyer was killed, I was the youngest of his three sons and his only child.”‘

He was my inspiration’ The family moved to a house in Kolkata, where he was educated and worked in a bakery.

“I had no money, so we got a job working for a family of three,” he said.

“Dixmyar was a bright, kind, and caring man, and we always shared the same interests.

I used to watch him and he used to come home with sweets and sweets.

He was my hero.”

“We would go out to his house to eat and play.

He used to give us money and make us feel better.

I remember sitting on the terrace with him and we would all sing hymns together.”

“He was an inspiration to all the kids that went to him, and I remember telling him about my dreams.”

Rupivind’s father, Rama Singh, died of cancer in 2007.

His brother, Ravi, now retired, recalls how Dix was often in tears during his funeral.

“One of the sad things about it was that my dad never cried during his final moments.

I think Dixma was there for me too,” Ravi said.

Rupiraj Singh and his family, who moved to New Delhi, where they now live, were never able to forget his presence.

“We have always been very proud of our brother Rup, who was a very special and generous person,” Rama said.

When he was growing up, Rups brother was also an actor.

Rama also told the family stories of his mother’s father who was also a policeman.

“She used to talk to him.

She would say, ‘I can’t speak to you.

Your father was murdered by the police’,” Rupis father said.

He said he could not forgive his mother for the killing, but Rupas father did not give up hope.

“My heart goes out to the families of the victims,” Rups father said, adding that he hoped the killings would not happen again.

“People who have been targeted have to live with the pain and anguish of being the victims, as well as their grief.”

The family, from the northern part of Punjab, is part of a growing movement against the ongoing police killings.

The movement is led by a group called the Dixiks Students Union, which includes a large number of women and girls from Kolkatas home town, Srinagar.

“The government has to do something to stop this from happening.

We have been fighting for the rights of women for more than a decade.

We will continue to fight for this until we get justice,” Rkinder Singh said.

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