A ‘green’ new fruit market in the US is opening in Miami

A new fruit and vegetable market in Miami is taking shape in a former Cuban airbase.

The market, called Greenland Fruit Market, will open next month and will serve as the city’s first-ever “green” supermarket, according to the Miami Herald.

The new market will be owned by Miami-based entrepreneur and food activist Alex Vazquez, who opened the new market last year.

Vazques vision for the market, which he hopes will become the “world’s first green supermarket,” was inspired by the success of a popular Miami fruit and veggie market in Cuba.

The Greenland Market, which will open on March 11, will sell produce from local farms, but also produce from foreign producers, according the Herald.

“Greenland fruit is one of the fastest growing fruits in the world, with production increasing every year.

It’s the perfect product for Miami, as it has a high density of vegetables and is the perfect choice for restaurants, bars and even a restaurant on wheels,” Vazque said.

The fruit market will also sell fresh produce, and Vazquos fruit farm, located in the northern part of the island, will be the hub of the market.

The Miami Herald also reported that the market will open with an outdoor seating area, and the store will offer organic and natural ingredients.

The city of Miami is one step closer to becoming a fully green city after opening a new, eco-friendly shopping center.

Last year, the city unveiled the first-of-its-kind grocery store, which is the first in the U.S. to offer a fully sustainable grocery experience.

The store will be located at the new Miami Food Innovation Center, which also opened last year in South Beach.

The green space, which has an outdoor space for outdoor dining and other uses, is set to open in March.

According to the Herald, Miami is the largest city in Florida to announce its intention to transition to 100% sustainable living.

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