A banana, an orange and a pineapple: A trip down the banana tree

A trip to the banana plantation in southern Vietnam will not leave you feeling empty.

Fruitful markets and the city of Hanoi are lined with hundreds of banana trees, the fruits of the fruit industry in Vietnam.

The fruit trees grow up to five metres tall and produce the equivalent of 1.5 tonnes of fruit a year.

The market is one of the most popular spots for people from around the world to buy fruit.

The city of Ho Chi Minh City is also known for its fruit market and many tourists visit to see the fruit.

In Hanoa, one of Vietnam’s most famous and most popular markets, is located at the corner of the old port, where the fruits are sold for the first time.

The fruits are picked in a small garden and are picked from the trees by the workers on the docks at the Port of Hui Dao, the city’s largest port.

The workers bring the fruit back to the docks and sell it to the market in the evening, during which the fruit is roasted and baked, or eaten.

This market is famous for its variety of fruits and the market has also become one of Hana-Kai’s most popular tourist destinations.

This is the fruit market where a Vietnamese boy has come to eat a banana, one that is normally sold in the market.

During the day, the market is a popular place to eat the fruit, but during the night it’s closed due to heavy rains.

On the afternoon of June 3, 2017, the banana seller, who is called “Daang” or “father”, came to the fruit store.

“This is a great market to visit.

I want to give you a taste of my bananas,” he said.

When the fruit seller returned, he was excited to see that he had just seen a banana that he would have to wait five days for.

He said that he is sure that this banana will be a good one.

It was a day of excitement for the boy who was sitting at the market’s counter, as well as the market itself.

A boy in Hanoin stands outside of a fruit market in Hainan Province, Vietnam, July 25, 2019.

He was about to receive a banana worth around 100,000 VND ($7,500) when the market opened and it was his turn to taste the fruit on his hands.

There was a strong aroma of ripe bananas, the fruit that is a key ingredient for the popular banana drink.

Hanoi’s banana market, located in Hangui city, is one the largest fruit market on the island of Hainian.

Although this market is often closed during heavy rains, the streets of Hanguin are crowded and the sun shines in through the open window of the market on Sunday.

The street is lined with stalls and shops selling a variety of different fruits and vegetables.

As the market went on, the boy and his family ate their banana.

The boy told the seller that it was the best banana he had ever tasted.

With the fruit and the smell of ripe banana filling the room, the sellers were delighted.

The seller also gave the boy a tip that he can buy a lot of fruit in the next five days.

This market is located in the centre of Hualien city, a city in the northern part of Vietnam, and its location in the middle of a rain forest can only be described as beautiful.

Many tourists flock to the city every year to visit the fruit trees.

At the market, the workers come up with the best fruit to sell.

In the afternoon, the children play and the adults wait for the market to open.

After the market opens, the worker brings the fruit to the sellers for sale.

They then take the fruit from the tree and put it into a basket to be sold.

For the seller, this is an experience he will never forget.

Before the market starts, the bananas are picked by the worker.

People come from all over the world from all parts of the world and many people visit the market just to see it.

While the market does not always close, it is usually closed on weekends.

Last year, the markets sales increased from 1.4 tonnes to 1.7 tonnes a day.

Tourism is a big business in Vietnam, with a country of 10 million people estimated to have around 6.8 million tourists a year and a tourist attraction in Hana Kai city of around 6 million people.

The tourist industry is estimated to be worth approximately 5 billion VND.

Vietnam has been the destination of many of the best tourist attractions in the world including Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and the Taj Mahal.

Featured image credit: http://www.pixabay.com

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