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  • Thu 25th Apr 2019 - 5:26am

    When consumers were asked if they would recommend this product to others who Urgent Fungus Destroyer Review  were suffering from toenail fungus, the answer "yes" never exceeded the 50% mark. Also, the overall satisfaction rate for Nail Tek's anti-fungal OTC treatment varies from 40% to 50% although we are still updating our findings as information becomes available.

    So, is this treatment really worth trying or should you save your money? The Nail Tek anti-fungal treatment seems to have offered relief to some sufferers of nail fungus but we have been unable to confirm the company's claims of it being the most effective option without a prescription. Your best move would be to explore all of your options carefully and learn as much as possible about the ingredients used in each of them before proceeding onward in order to save time and money while finding the absolute best treatment for you. I want to give you a quick one to two-minute version of what I think is happening inside of your heel, which is probably a plantar fasciitis injury.

    What you have underneath your foot is a very fibrous type of material that is kind of like a rubber band. This is your fascia. In this particular case, we're talking about your plantar fascia. It runs underneath your foot and connects in a couple of places, but mainly it connects to the ball of your foot. The injury can be described like a slight tear or a nick in the fasciavery close to where it connects right under your heal. This may have been caused from stepping on something awkwardly, spending too much time on your feet without good shoe support or many other causes.

    It is a painful injury. However, when you know what is happening inside your foot, you'll be able to treat the heel pain and get back to being pain-free and doing all the activities you've been missing. Once you get this slight tear in your heel area, you'll then get inflammation. That inflammation is what translates into severe pain. The key is to try to get the fascia stretched out. When you walk, every time you take a step, the fascia stretches out. Then when you pick your foot up, the fascia contracts like a rubber band. This cycle of constantly pulling and stretching and contracting keeps aggravating the area where the fascia connects to your heel which keeps the inflammation ongoing.


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